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My 20 favourites




How I started


Xmas by Xian Lax

GZ 140

Collection: Christmas 1994

Winter 1994

Number of pieces: 22.222

''Xmas by Xian Lax'' was designed by the French couturier Christian Lacroix. He also designed the special-packaging. Christian Lacroix says: ''To me, Time and Space are great luxuries, so I don't really like to quantify them. That is why I wanted to make of this watch something more than a mere counting machine; I wanted to make a jewel, an object of seduction, playing with the idea of hands - or lack thereof - contained within a kind of equally whimsical evening bag.''





1994 till


 Xmas by Xian Lax - Special Packaging

Xmas by Xian Lax


 Magic Spell - Special Packaging


Magic Spell

GZ 148

Collection: Christmas 1995

Winter 1995

Number of pieces: 29.876

The packaging (book) plays ''Jingle Bells'' if you open it.

Magic Spell- Open

Magic Spell


Light Tree 1


Light Tree 2

Light Tree

GZ 152

Collection: Christmas 1996

Winter 1996

Number of pieces: 20.000

When you push the red button at the Swatch, the coloured littel bulbs glow for some seconds. 

Seasons Greetings - Special Packaging


Seasons Greetings

GZ 900

Collection: Christmas 1997

Winter 1997

Number of pieces: 30.000

The packaging is an advent-calendar with 25 small holes. You open every day between Dec. 1st and Dec. 25th one hole. In the hole of Dec. 1st was the ''Seasons Greetings'' and in each of the other holes are small items which can be fixed on the strap. ''Seasons Greetings'' is also a Loomi Swatch.


Seasons Greetings


Sparkling Life - Special Packaging - Close

Sparkling Life - Special Packaging - OpenSparkling Life Champagne Bottle


Sparkling Life

GZ 902

Collection: Christmas 1998

Winter 1998

Number of pieces: 30.000

''Sparkling Life'' is a Loomi Swatch, but you have to removie the champagne cork befor you see the watch face. In the Special Packaging you can make swatch-ice cubes.

Sparkling Life 2

Sparkling Life 1


Mille Stelle

GZ 162

Collection: Christmas 1999

Winter 1999

Number of pieces: 30.000

''Mille Stelle'' is over and over full with silver glitter. On the watch case and on the straps is the glitter. ''Mille Stelle'' has a double glass and between the glass is also silver glitter, so you have to shake your wrist to read the time.

Mille Stelle


Mille Stelle - Special Packaging - Close

Mille Stelle - Special Packaging - Open


World Party - Close Up

champagne bottle pendant

camel panfant

Christmas tree pendant

snake pendant


World Party

GZ 407

Collection: Christmas 2000

Winter 2000

Number of pieces: 20.000

''World Party'' is over and over full with silver glitter. On the watch case and on the straps is the glitter and when you hold it in your hand you also get some silver glitter on your skin. The packagings inside is made of red velvet which is all over with little golden and glass chips, very nice. The outside of the packaging is made of golden leather. With the Swatch comes also 6 pendants (a Swarowski-diamond, a champagne bottle, a camel, a Christmas tree, a snake and a Jewish candlesticker) which you can hang up at the loop of the Swatch.

Jewish candlesticker pendant

World Party with Swarowski-diamond pendant

World Party - Special Packaging - Close

World Party - Special Packaging - Open






Holly Joy - Special Packaging

Holly Joy

GZ 189

Collection: Christmas 2004

Winter 2004

Number of pieces: 14.999

''Holly Joy'' comes in a nice wooden box and a sock.



Holly Joy


Holly Joy - Special Packaging - Open





Snow Your Time Away - Special packaging

Snow Your Time Away


Collection: Christmas 2012

Winter 2012

Number of pieces: 10.000

''Snow Your Time Away'' is the first NEW GENT as a Xmas Special and comes packaged with nice white gloves with a golden star. An equal star is also inside the Swatch and on the straps.


Snow Your Time Away

Snow Your Time Away - Face                





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