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My favourite Madonna and Music Links

(I can't hardly wait to see her finaly live on stage in Berlin)

To the: ICON Official Madonna Fan Club

ICON - The Official Madonna Fan Club. Many hot INFOS about and around the great DIVA :-) and a big Online-Store. Keep it together ;-) .

Madonna's NEW ALBUM ''MUSIC''- On her page you get a great MP3-Remix-Version and you can mix your own Music Mix online. It's real fun.

Marian's Madonna-Homepage - many infos and pictures of Maddie, all from a big fan.

Madonnarama - best Madonna-News page in the whole wide Internet.

)( MADONNA'S ASHRAM )( - a lot of photos and video clips and always up tp date.

Where Life Begins - many news and photos and other cool infos about Maddie.

Madonna-Fanclub SPOTLIGHT - the German FanClub page.

Madonna Remixed - some news and photois.

GoneMadonna - MP3-songs from her Drowned World Tour to download and infos, also in Spanish.

Madonna Land - Much infos about Madonna.


If you have WinAmp as your music-player for MP3-Files, here is my Swatch-Skin for your player.

Swatch-Skin for WinAmp Player

Here are some of my favourit MP3-search-engines:

1st AudioFind - It finds a lot and most of the time you don't need any password or any other of this boring stuff.

2nd Musicseek - It finds a lot, but you need passwords and an FTP-program.

3rd MP3now & ChangeMusic - Also good, but you also need passwords and an FTP-program.

4th Musiclover ( Mirror Site 1 , Mirror Site 2 ) - A great page with all the TOP 60 from the Billboard, MTV's TOP 20 and many, many other new and old songs and the BEST IS, with out any password and no FTP (as far as I know :-) ) .

Napster - Still a great place

Sour - A new cool place, also for movies and pictures

But don't forget to delete the MP3 files after 24 hours from your PC, OK. BUY the MUSIC.


Tina Turner's Official Homepage - She is back and of course, still great. I can't hardly wait to see her next year on her Tour.


Eurythmics - Peace Tour

Eurythmics - Peace Tour - YES, they are back together. I had the luck to see the first concert of their new ''Peace Tour'' on Sept. 18th in Cologne. Believe me, it was GREAT.





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