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My 20 favourites




How I started


My favourite Swatch Links

To my ebay-Auctions

From time to time I sell some Swatches at ebay.

To: A list of Swatch-Stores all over the World

My list of Swatch-Stores all over the WORLD that I now.


The official Swatch-Homepage with the Swatch-Club .


Swatch & Abbys - Abbys' cool Homepage. Very personal and with a very nice postcard collection from friends all over the World ( a cool idea ).

Andreas Wiethoff's NEWS-Homepage - the best and up-to-dates NEWS about Swatch in the whole Net.

To: Andreas Wiethoff's NEWS-Homepage


Paul Coombs' Swatchhomepage - many pictures of Specials, signed Swatches and goodies, all from an U.K. Collector and a good friend.


Yasuhiro Minato's Swatchhomepage - a lot of pictures of Specials, Special-Packagings and goodies and always up-to-date.


Thorsten's Time-A-Doodle-Doo - a cool new and very nice page by a German collector.

To: Thorsten's Time-A-Doodle-Doo


Ask Lynne - A home for everyone in cyberspace . This the great Homepage of Lynne Cheson. She also publish the magazine ''Swatch Watch Collectors News''.


Lionel Vasselle's Homepage and his list of the designers / artists which designed a swatch. A really very good list for someone who likes to collect Signed-Swatches, like me :-). He started now to make also a nice page for the Vendôme Swatch Store in Paris.


Peter - The UK Swatcher - a very nice page from an U.K. collector with a lot of nice picture of some rare items.


Rob's WatchSwatch - a new and nice Homepage by an U.K. Swatch collector.


Jerry's Swatch MegaLink-Homepage. The biggest and best collection of Swatch-Links. Jerry thinks my Homepage is cool. THANKS :-) , nice to hear that.

To: Jerry's Swatch MegaLink-Page


Onigiri's Homepage - many great pictures of Special-Packagings, signed Swatches and much more... (the texts are unfortunately in Japanese :-) )


Ellis's Box - I think the best Swatchhomepage in Chinese. Ellis is doing a great service for all the people in Taiwan and China. He has also a lot of pictures of his collections, some rare itmes.


Mic's Swatch Page - a collector from Australia with pictures of the Australian-Swatch-Specials.


Peter Pletanek's "Swatch picture virtual database" - a very nice and great picture database of Specials, Special-Packaging, Prototypes, Variants and a Forum .

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