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How I started


Picture of me - Torsten in New York


my name is Torsten Rube and I was born 1972 in Germany . I got my first swatch in 1987 as a gift to my confirmation, it was a ''Jelly Fish'' (GK100). I loved that watch, because you can see all the parts of a swatch. Then I bought or got one or two swatches in a year, but in 1991 I saw the four swatches ''Fläck'' (GZ 117), ''Test'' (GZ118), ''360° Rosso su Blackout'' (GZ119) and ''Wheel Animal'' (GZ120), all from the ''700 Years of Helvecia''-Collection.



700 years of Helvecia

It was also the first-time that I heard something about the ''The Swatch Collectors of Swatch''-Club. I became a member and got my first Swatch-Special, the ''Golden Jelly'', and at Xmas I won the right to purchased the POP-Swatch-Xmas-Special ''Bottone'' . That was my first numbered swatch and my passion to get and collect more and more swatches grew and grew.



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Through collecting swatches I come to know some nice and interesting people and I learnt something about great artists like Sam Francis, Kenny Scharf and .... .

The surch for a swatch is really thrilling and if you find and get a swatch that you're really looking for, that is a nice and really great felling.

This all are reasons for me to collect swatches, but I know that somebody, who is not infected by the ''Swatch-fever'', couldn't understand, why some people don't just have one or two watches, but maybe 100 or 1000 swatches.

I hope you like my website and if you have a question or want to contact me, just click here. Mail to Torsten Rube


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