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20. First

GP 108

Collection: Sir Paint

Summer 1994

''First'' was designed by the Irish-Artist Nuala Goodman. She was born 1962 in Dublin. After an art-study she lifes in Milan where she designed fabrics for Alessi and Enzo. ''First'' was never sold in some countries of Africa and Asia, because they are to prudish for selling such a kind fo swatch. The name ''First'' means maybe the first woman ''Eve'' in Paradise.







 Neo Rider

19. Neo Rider

GG 103

Collection: Neospeed

Fall-Winter 1988

''Neo Rider'' was a great success.


18. Mc Gregor

GJ 100

Collection: Street Smart

Fall-Winter 1985

Every Scotchclan has his own design of fabrics for their kilts and the design from the Mc Gregors-clan is on the face of ''Mc Gregor''.

Mc Gregor - Close Up

 Mc Gregor


 Perspective - No. 2  -  Folon


17. Perspective - No. 2

GZ 106

Collection: Folon


Number of pieces: 5.000

''No. 2'' was designed by the Belgian artist Jean Michel Folon. He was born 1934 in Brussels and studied architecture but broke off for painting. He design covers of magazines, stage set, commercial art and many more. The Perspective - No. 2 (GZ 106) is the one of the three Folon-Swatches, that is very, very hard to find, because it's the only one of the three, who has 3 hands. No. 1 and No. 3 just has only 1 hand for the hours and so -> not so many people bought them in 1986.

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16. Asetra

GK 137/138

Collection: Caviars

Winter 1991

The production of ''Asetra'' was very limited, because Swatch had problems by the manufacture of the face. ''Asetra'' was a great success.



 Hollywood Dream


15. Hollywood Dream

GZ 116

Collection: Christmas 1990

Winter 1990

Number of pieces: 9.999 ?

There are rumours, that the real number of production is under 9.999, because Swatch had problems with the ''diamonds'' on the ring of the face and on the bracelet, but nobody knows this exact, only Swatch.



14. Shibuya

GG 104

Collection: Street Smart

Spring-Summer 1989

Shibuya is a quarter with many departmentstores in Tokyo and was a great success.



 St. Germain

13. St.Germain

GB 123

Collection: Paris-Alger

Spring-Summer 1989

''St.Germain'' was one of the first swatches with photos on the bracelet. St.Germain is a quarter in Paris.

St.Germain - Close Up

 Fiz n' Zip - signed by Kenny Scharf

Fiz n´ Zip

12. Monster Time

GR 121

Collection: Kenny Scharf

Fall 1994

''Monster Time'' was designed by the famous American-Artist Kenny Scharf. He was born 1958 in Hollywood, CA. U.S.A.. Scharf studied art history at the University of California and learned about pop art and Andy Warhol. Inspired by stories of Andy Warhol and his "Factory", Scharf set off for New York in 1978. After enrolling at the School of Visual Arts, he met Keith Haring and quickly became involved in the underground art scene of the East Village. Scharf had his first one-man show in SoHO (New York) at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. His ''pop-surreal'' imagery included well-known American cartoon characters, animal of his own creation and forests dense with rubby vegetation, all rendered in bright colours and often decorated with sparkles, sequins and small plastc toys. Believing that art should be accessible to everyone, not just to the elite, Scharf applied his aesthetic to common objects such as telephones, television sets and many other things like the milk glasses for Rizenhoff. Swatch made also a maxi-version of ''Monser Time''.

 Monster Time - signed by Kenny Scharf

Monster Time


Milk glass by Ritzenhoff


The milk glas of Rizenhoff

by Kenny Schaf. 


 Sam Francis

11. Sam Francis

GZ 123

Collection: Art Collection

Winter 1992

Number of pieces: 49.999

''Sam Francis'' was designed by the American artist Sam Francis. He was born on June 25th 1923 in San-Mateo, California, he died on Nov. 8th 1994. He studied medicine but he had to give it up 1943, because he had to go to the US Air Force because of the 2. World War. In the same year his airplane was shot down and he got a bad injury at his spinal column. Hehad to stay in bed for more than 4 years. In this hard time he begun to painting.

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